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The Benefits of Reshoring PCB Manufacturing

For decades American businesses have looked overseas for manufacturing partners. The movement of manufacturing capacity overseas can be attributed to several factors. Lower labor costs, globalization, advances in supply chain optimization, consumer demand for cheap goods, and short-term cost savings all contributed to a decades-long trend of having goods manufactured by overseas companies.

pcb reshoring manufacturing

Reshoring PCB Manufacturing Capabilities to the USA

COVID-19 proved to be a wakeup call. The pandemic revealed the risks of an over-reliance on overseas manufacturing. The supply chain showed itself to be more fragile than we had realized. Geopolitical turmoil has only exacerbated that vulnerability. It’s clear that it’s time to bring critical manufacturing capabilities back to the United States. When a company or organization returns offshored jobs or functions back to their home country, that’s known as reshoring.

Advantages of Reshoring PCB Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are a major element of electronics that were in short supply during the pandemic-induced supply chain breakdown. Reshoring the production of PCBs back to the United States offers several benefits for businesses. Here are some reasons why reshoring PCB manufacturing is advantageous:

  1. Quality Control: Reshoring allows companies to have better control over the manufacturing process and quality assurance. Being closer to the manufacturing facility makes it easier to monitor and speeds up the response to any issues. The result is higher-quality PCBs.
  2. Reduced Lead Times: Reshoring PCB manufacturing significantly reduces lead times. Shorter transportation distances and faster logistics contribute to quicker turnaround times. This is crucial for meeting tight production schedules. It also enables swift reactions to changes in market demands.
  3. Communication and Collaboration: Reshoring facilitates direct communication and collaboration between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and the PCB manufacturer. Face-to-face interactions can lead to better understanding of specifications, requirements, and design changes, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication or errors.
  4. Intellectual Property Protection: Some companies may be concerned about the protection of their intellectual property when outsourcing manufacturing to foreign countries. Reshoring can help mitigate these concerns as the legal framework and enforcement mechanisms in the United States are more robust than those found in many other countries.
  5. Customization and Flexibility: Local PCB manufacturers often offer greater flexibility in terms of customization and adapting to specific design requirements. This can be particularly beneficial for companies with unique or specialized products that require tailored PCB solutions. Companies aren’t limited to the off-the-shelf offerings of distant PCB manufacturers.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: Reshoring simplifies compliance with local and industry-specific regulations. Local manufacturers are likely to be familiar with and adhere to the regulatory standards and certifications required in the home country, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.
  7. Job Creation: Bringing PCB manufacturing back to the home country contributes to job creation and supports the local economy. This can be an important factor for companies aiming to demonstrate social responsibility and strengthen their ties to the local community.
Reshoring PCB Manufacturing

While reshoring offers many advantages, it’s essential to assess the overall cost-effectiveness, taking into account factors such as labor costs, taxation, and regulatory considerations. Each company’s situation is unique, and the decision to reshore PCB manufacturing should align with its specific goals and circumstances.


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