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have big plans for you.

At Winston Industries, we are passionate about our culture. We value integrity, accountability, passion, reliability, and teamwork.

Core Values


We take responsibility for our actions, decisions, and their consequences, whether positive or negative.


We're all in this together. There is no "they." There is only "we." We work together, for the betterment of us all.


We are trustworthy, consistent, and dependable. Our dedication to one another is unbreakable.


We have integrity. We are honest, moral, and ethical. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


We are passionate about what we do. We get deep satisfaction from a job well done. We celebrate wins, and learn from losses.


Nurture Partnerships

We proactively build partnerships with our customers, and with each other. It's not about transactions. It's about people.

Appreciate Humor

We love a good joke. And we don't take ourselves too seriously. Life is too short not to laugh once in a while.

are Authentic and Real

What you see is what you get. We are our glorious weird selves, warts and all.

are Hands On

We pitch in when help is needed. And we're not afraid to ask for help. Together, we get the job done.

People of Winston

Perks and Benefits

Winston’s payday is every Thursday. We set all employees up for direct deposit, so you don’t even need to hit the bank.

Most jobs at Winston have a 4-day workweek option. If working four 10s works better for you than five 8s, we’re happy to accommodate you.

Every Winston employee receives an annual performance and compensation review.

Life is crazy. Sometimes you need to work outside of normal business hours to accommodate busy schedules. We’ll do our best to find solutions that allow good work/life balance.  

All full-time team members are eligible for Winston’s medical, dental, and vision benefits. Options are available to cover you, you and your kids, you and your spouse, or your whole dang family.

Team members who opt for the high-deductible health plan option can open a health savings account. This pre-tax account carries over annually, so there’s no use-it-or-lose it deadline. And if you leave Winston, your HSA goes with you.

Flexible spending accounts make it easier to budget for healthcare expenses. Team members who select the PPO plan can spend FSA funds for any healthcare expense. Those who select the HDHP option can use FSA funds for dental and vision expenses. FSA savings are pre-tax, and must be used by year’s end.

It’s never too early to start saving for retirement. Winston will match every dollar you contribute at 50 percent, up to six percent of your annual salary. That’s free money in the bank. After your vesting period, it’s all yours!

A healthy workforce benefits the employee and the employer. Winston encourages healthy living through the Vitality health program. Team members receive points for doctor’s visits, vaccinations, and more. Points can lower insurance premiums allow you to shop for gift cards in Vitality’s Marketplace.

This no-cost counseling service helps you address stress, relationship, and other personal issues you and your family may face.

Full-time team members begin accruing PTO hours from day one. Your PTO accrual rate increases with your tenure at Winston. We know everyone needs a break once in a while.

Winston pays a basic life and AD&D policy for every team member. We also offer the option of purchasing additional life insurance for yourself, your spouse, and your children.

Winston pays for short-term disability insurance for our team members. Eligible employees who are unable to work due to a serious illness or injury (including pregnancy) may be eligible to receive 60% of their weekly pay if they are off work for five or more consecutive work days. Benefits could pay for up to 13 weeks of disability!

Winston also offers low-cost long-term disability insurance for illnesses or injuries that continue beyond 13 weeks.

Disability insurance pays 60 percent of your normal wages.

At Winston, we love to eat and celebrate. Throughout the year, we provide special meals to our team. We also host outings, fun competitions, and milestone recognitions. We’re always looking for a good excuse to throw a party.

We strive to recruit the best people. We created a new hire attendance award program to recognize employment commitment and solid attendance. This program awards a $250 (after tax) bonus to team members that successfully complete their first 90 days of employment with one or less unplanned absences.

Winston is always looking for great people. In our experience, new hires referred by our team members stay with the company longer than other candidates.
If you refer someone and they are hired, you will be eligible to receive a bonus based on the following schedule:
• $100 – after 30 days of employment
• $500 – after 90 days of employment

Winston team members get discounts at several local businesses, including the Columbia Employee Store, The Louisville Zoo, and Kentucky Kingdom.

Career Opportunites

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