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A lot of companies say they “think outside the box.” 

That’s not us. We never fit in the box to begin with. 

We enjoy the position of being just a little different. Some even call us a cult. We don’t mind. We’re sort of proud of it.


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Our Win2uit Electronics division has grown from an in-house controls department into a separate division. They are international suppliers of high-tech electronics.

Looking for a highly-skilled, well-equipped facility to take care of your manufacturing needs? Look no further than Winston Manufacturing.

About Us

We’ve manufactured foodservice equipment for over five decades. One thing remained constant: we understand the business and we get our customers.

Winston Industries came into being because of a partnership with a famous Colonel. We developed a fryer specifically to meet the needs of his restaurants.

Winston Shelton and Colonel Harland Sanders

What we do is driven by our customers’ needs.

Founder Winston Shelton started our company in the late 60s, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and a need to create. He designed a workhorse of a pressure fryer for a restaurant icon. Subsequently, Winston  created a whole new class of cooking and holding equipment that others attempt to copy to this day.

We’ve built upon this legacy because we believe in building partnerships with customers. There is an entrepreneur in each of us. Certainly, it’s the reason we’ve expanded our business – to perpetuate our entrepreneurial spirit and to provide the opportunity for others to do the same.


When people ask if you think outside the box, do you ask, “what box?” If the answer is “YES” and you are looking to join a collaborative team, look no further!

Winston values curiosity and passion for finding new ways to do things. Certainly, we believe in working both independently and collaboratively to create the best products and services possible. Flexibility is considered a virtue. Questioning the status quo is encouraged.

We place a high premium on integrity, accountability, passion, reliability, and the desire to be part of a team. So whether you’re a dreamer, nonconformist, problem-solver, collaborator, science geek, creative, people person, bean counter, widget maker, or team player, we are looking for folks who share the same values. Are you in?

Winston Culture

Culture is a combination of core values, behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, and personalities that make up an organization. Corporate culture describes and governs the way owners and team members think, feel, and act. A person that is a culture fit simply “gets it.” They understand what is trying to be accomplished, and consistently support the values through their effort, communication, and actions.

At Winston, we are passionate about our culture and core values. Our goal is to hire team members ready to tackle any challenge. We want team members that are self-motivated to produce the best results. Folks who want to be part of creating something great. Above all, it is our belief that a workforce comprised of similar mindsets results in a heightened sense of belonging and commitment and ultimately enables us to work more productively toward our common goal.

Pillars of the Culture at Winston