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Basic PCB Terminology

PCBs are crucial in modern electronics. They offer a reliable, cost-effective method to construct and interconnect electronic circuits. PCBs have significantly contributed to the miniaturization and complexity of electronic devices.

Here are ten terms that are important to gain an understanding of PCBs:

· Pad – A small area of exposed metal on the PCB used for soldering components. Pads are typically found around holes or on surface mount pads.

· Thermal Relief – A pattern on a copper plane that reduces the amount of copper connected to a pad, making it easier to solder and preventing excessive heat dissipation.

· Vias – Plated or non-plated holes on the PCB that connect traces on different layers, allowing for the passage of signals between layers.

· Blind Via – A via that connects an outer layer to one or more inner layers but doesn’t go through the entire board.

· Buried Via – A via that connects two or more inner layers of a multilayer PCB but doesn’t extend to the outer layers.

· Silkscreen Layer – A PCB layer containing markings, labels, and symbols for component placement and identification.

· Decoupling Capacitor – A capacitor placed near an integrated circuit that stabilizes the power supply voltage and reduces electrical noise.

· Impedance – The opposition that a circuit presents to the flow of alternating current. Controlled impedance is crucial for high-speed signals to prevent signal degradation.

· Fiducial Mark – A reference mark on the PCB used by automated assembly equipment for precise component placement during manufacturing.

· ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) – The sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects, which can damage electronic components. ESD protection measures are essential in PCB design.

Understanding these terms will enhance your knowledge of the intricacies involved in PCB design, manufacturing, and functionality. As you delve deeper into the field, you may encounter more specialized terms based on specific applications and technologies.


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